zondag 4 november 2012

'Empty chairs'

Een cartoon van Gary Varvel.

Een citaat uit een blogpost van John O'Sullivan:

Benghazi entered the public mind — and influenced its opinion on wider foreign policy issues — through the informal media. As commentators have been pointing out for almost a decade, the establishment media have lost their role as gatekeepers. They alone no longer determine what is a news story and what is not. Or a scandal. Or a legitimate political issue. Etc., etc., etc. News and information now get to people through talk radio, the Internet, social media, opinion journals, the blogosphere, and foreign newspapers (that are either more enterprising or less ideologically conformist) on the web. As a mainstream-news organization that has standards at least as high as its establishment rivals but that is a traitor to its liberal class, Fox News plays a crucial role in this new information system by using its resources to gather information and break stories in a way its informal allies cannot usually do. It is this informal news network that has broken new ground about the Benghazi story “under the radar” (i.e., under the nose of its formal rivals.) 

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